On Friday 5 October, Roos Galjaard organized the benefit concert ‘Shetler in the Shade’ for the 12th time on behalf of AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in Swaziland. Roos lived in Swaziland for years and has supported Shelter in the Shade since 2010. In addition to income for food and maintenance of the support center, Shelter in the Shade XII is mainly devoted to education. This time the benefit concert is a reggae edition.We at Radicle enjoyed a fantastic evening! Together with two other great reggae bands from Groningen, we did our best to call as many people as possible for this beautiful initiative! We think that we have put down a good show for the public this evening, but more importantly, there is more than 1200 euros earned during this event especially for the children in Swaziland.

Photo┬┤s: O-bat Photography

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